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27th July 2014

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27th July 2014

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Sweaty Palms at Sunrise

I feel the turn of fickle stars in my palms,

wrenching their way out,

challenging the ambition of a sinner’s grasp.

It all falls loose;

sand at the feet of eternal eyes,

staring back into the shadows of memory.

Dreams struggle for breath,

suffer desperation, lack of color.

And in their whisper I squint like

an old man trying to find his way

back to the trail’s head.

But in these woods I have no bearing;

no point of reference, only empty hands left wanting,

too arthritic to hold any sort of luster

or salt of tomorrow’s promise.

And so, I am left to wait…

Suspect to the charm of a menacing horizon

that promises nothing but a burning reminder

of what I could not hold onto.

-James Kelley 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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27th July 2014

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Save me from this charged mound,

swirling in mundane cynicism’s break

where styrofoam vultures circle overhead

and snap their beaks with convoluted grace.

Pull my flesh back,

and cauterize my need to wonder;

I know there’s nothing out there anyway

…except the swallow of disenfranchised freedom

and innovated misunerstandings.

Replace these organs with the silt of

a sleepy eyed river, so when it all finally flows

you can feel me between your toes

…Where you always wanted your

lover to make his bed.

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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20th June 2014

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Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.
— Vine Deloria, Sioux (via deejaymrmorris)

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20th June 2014

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Hey everybody…just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive haha. Got moved out to the new pad, and all is well, just extremely hectic…and apparently they don’t have DSL internet service anyyyywhere out there…which is insane to me…I’m not that far off the map! I may have to bite the bullet and get satellite internet, which I always heard didn’t work well…We shall see. Miss y’all…I’ll report back soon. Much love. 

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14th May 2014

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may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
— E. E. Cummings, from “53” (via litverve)

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14th May 2014

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13th May 2014

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13th May 2014

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Tomorrow is the big day…starting the move, can’t wait to get this over with!! 

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13th May 2014

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